The PRPA photo circuits provide an opportunity to have your photos critiqued by other circuit members. The circuits can be especially valuable for individual members who have no active camera club nearby. Learn from positive criticism of your work and evaluate the work of others. It can be fun!

It would be difficult to find a better way to improve your photography than through the help offered by the group. The candid critique of members and help offered by the group make up a “learn-by-doing” course of instruction. Also in analyzing and evaluating the work of others, the photographer soon learns to spot the faults in his/her own work. The only cost to you in belonging to one of the print circuits would be postage in mailing the set on to the next member (approximately $8-10 each time) and of course printing your own photos. There is no cost involved with the digital photo circuits.

The winners of the circuits are announced in Prairie Focus.

The optimum circuit size has been found to be six members. As more members join, a new circuit is formed. Information as to the procedure for joining and participating may be obtained from the Circuit Coordinators. Contact information is published in Prairie Focus and posted on the website.


Print Circuits

Each member initially contributes two prints to the set, along with data sheets on how the photograph was taken, any manipulations (darkroom or computer) made before printing, what the photograph represents, and what the maker feels he/she needs in the way of help. The set, along with the data sheets, correspondence, etc. is circulated among the members according to a prearranged schedule. Each member writes a critique of the other prints and rates each print on a 10 point scoring system.

After completion of the round, the prints are returned to the Circuit Coordinator for evaluation and to begin another round. On the second and succeeding rounds, each member removes his/her two prints and adds two new ones. This process continues as long as a member wishes to participate. Ribbon awards are made each time a round is completed. These awards go to the top three print makers of each round as selected by the scoring of the members.


Slide Circuits

Slide Circuits, similar to the Print Circuits, were run until 2012-13. Due to dwindling participation the slide circuits were reluctantly discontinued.


Digital Photo Circuits

Digital Photo Circuits started in September of 2019. There are 4 rounds each year, in September, November, January and March. Members submit 2 photos each round, a total of 8 per year. In each round members will critique up to 10 photos. Submissions, scoring/critiquing, and results are all done by email. One award is issued per circuit per year to the member with the highest aggregate score.

All scoring and comments are “blind” – you don’t know who the photographer is and can’t see the others’ scores and comments. You can even send back an edited copy of the image file to illustrate your suggestion for improving the photo. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be technically savvy to participate – if you can attach a photo to an email, that’s about all you need to know.

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