Annual Outing Competition

Sponsor: PRPA camera club hosting this year’s Annual Outing

Type: Prints and/or digital images as set by host club. Size, matting, and mounting are set by host club.

Deadline: Set by the host club. Entries are mailed directly to the host club. Usually around November 15th

Outing Competition categories:
  • In the Wild (Flora/Fauna)
  • Tranquility
  • The View
  • Architecture

Conditions: Open to all registered attendees, whether PRPA members or not.  Images must be taken at this year’s Annual Outing

Entries: The number of entries in each category to be set by the host club. See the Prairie Focus for more details

Judging: The host club is responsible for judging.

Awards: Given in all categories, at the discretion of the judges; presented at the following year’s Outing.

General Rules and Entry Instructions

  1. Review the specific rules above for the competition you are entering. Keep this information in mind when selecting pictures to enter in the digital image competitions.
  2. Entering any PRPA competition implies your consent for PRPA to publish the image in the Prairie Focus newsletter and on the website. The top 25% of all digital image entries will be copied for possible use in PRPA promotional slide shows.
  3. Digital Images
    1. Image size (pixels) shall be a maximum of 1920 wide x 1200 high. Photos narrower than 4:3 (i.e. verticals) shall be 1200 high; images wider than 4:3 (i.e. panoramas) shall be 1920 wide.
    2. Maximum file size is 10mb for emailing; no size limit for cd or flash drive.
    3. Save as JPG format.
    4. File Name Specifications:
      Image title, Your Name, and initials of your camera club.jpg
      e.g. Pretty Sunsets_Jane Doe_RPC.jpg
    5. Fill out the entry from for Digital Entries
    6. Email the entry form and image file(s) club as specified in the Prairie Focus.
  4. Prints
    1. Your prints should be mounted on foam-core or matted. If matted, tape on a backing sheet to protect the print and allow it to be displayed on a stand. Do not use glass or frames.
    2. Mat or mount size must be “11 x 14”. Print size may be smaller.
    3. Write on, or securely attach to, the back of the print the Title, Maker’s name, and Club (or address).
    4. Ensure there is no copyright mark on your entry or it will be disqualified. Entering any PRPA competition implies your consent for PRPA to publish the image in the Prairie Focus newsletter and on the PRPA website.
    5. Fill out the entry form for Print Entries
    6. Mail your form and Prints to judging club as specified in the Prairie Focus.
  5. Thank you for entering and good luck!

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