General Competition Rules

  1. All competition participants must be paid up members of PRPA by the closing date of the competition.
  2. Use the appropriate entry form for digital or print competitions. Use the PRPA Print Competition Entry Form for all print competitions. The forms can be found at the back of this document or in the members-only section of the PRPA website. Check with your Club Rep who may have copies available. Entries from different members of one club may be combined on one form. Print sufficient copies to send two completed copies with the entries and to keep one for your records. Do not write in the shaded area which is for the judging club. Remember to indicate the Category Code for the Everest slide competition and the Gerry Fish and Curtiss Lund print competitions.
  3. For print competitions, also send one completed PRPA Print Competition Title Card with each entry. Copy the sample on the back of this document or download from the Members- Only section of the PRPA website. Print on light card or heavy paper if possible. Each sheet makes 8 cards. Do not write in Judging # area.
  4. For Digital Image competitions – the Fall and Spring Digital Image competitions, the new digital Everest Club competition, the digital image format of the Russell competition and the online Hand of Man competition – email the images directly to the contact address given for the judging club. Include in the body of the email: title, maker’s name and club (or state Individual). Size your entries to fit a maximum width of 1920 pixels or height of 1200 pixels. Crop your image to fit within these dimensions; for example if your image is in portrait format (taller than wide) or square, set the height to 1200 pixels; if your image is a panorama, set the width to 1920 pixles. In Photoshop this is done in Image > Resize > Image Size.
  5. Fundamental editing is allowed including cropping, dust removal, noise reduction, sharpening and adjustments to exposure, color temperature, clarity & saturation.
  6. Individual Members can send their entries directly to the judging club and must enclose return postage if they want their entries returned. Individual Members are PRPA members who do not belong to an affiliated PRPA photo club, or who choose to register with PRPA as an Individual Member.
  7. Copyright marked prints or slides will not be judged.
  8. All competition entries may be used by PRPA for club benefits but the maker retains all rights.
  9. First, second and third place awards are usually given in each competition (except for the club competitions). Honorable Mention awards given at the judges’ discretion.
  10. All competition awards shall be ribbons and certificates with the exception of keeper trophies for the winning club in the Everest and Gerry Fish Competitions.
  11. The same image may not be entered in more than one PRPA competition except that an image entered in a PRPA competition may be entered a second time, in either the same or a different competition, if the picture does not receive a 1st , 2nd, 3rd, or Honorable Mention the first time.  An image previously entered in a competition may also be used in a slideshow competition entry.
  12. Photographs in all print and digital image competitions may be post-processed using simple digital techniques such as cropping, resizing, adjusting color and contrast, dust removal, and removing minor elements of the picture.
  13. Pictures created using digital methods that move parts of pictures within a photograph, or are created by adding other pictures or parts of pictures to a photograph, or by using another digital device other than a camera, may only be entered in competitions which specifically allow such manipulations.


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