Gerry Fish Club Print Competition

Sponsor: Ms. Gerry Fish of the Calgary Camera Club

Type: Print – Color or Monochrome; matted or mounted to 11″x14″

Deadline: Entries to be mailed or delivered so as to be received by the judging club by April 1st

Theme: Open, with special awards for certain categories

Conditions: Open to Member Clubs of PRPA only

Entries: Each club selects 10 prints to represent their club.

  • Clubs with up to 49 members may enter 2 prints each
  • Clubs with 50 or more members may enter 1 print each
  • Each member can only enter with one Club, even if they belong to more than one

Awards: Gerry Fish Trophy is presented to the club with the highest total score for their club entry. The

Best of Show certificate and ribbon are awarded to the highest scoring print of all prints entered. Certificates and ribbons are awarded to makers for the highest scoring print in each category:

  • Best Landscape
  • Best Portrait
  • Best Candid Child
  • Best Nature
  • Best Open

Each print must have the category indicated on the entry form to be eligible for that category award. Prints not indicated as to category are considered to be entered in Open.

No Second place, Third place or Honorable Mention awards are given.

General Rules and Entry Instructions

  1. Entries must be received by the judging clubs by April 1st.
  2. Review the specific rules for the print competition(s) you are entering. Keep this information in mind when selecting images to enter in the print competitions.
  3. Your prints should be mounted on foam-core or matted. If matted, tape on a backing sheet to protect the print and allow it to be displayed on a stand. Do not use glass or frames.
  4. Mat or mount size must be “11 x 14”. Print size may be smaller.
  5. Write on, or securely attach to, the back of the print the Title, Maker’s name, and Club (or address).
  6. Ensure there is no copyright mark on your entry or it will be disqualified. Entering any PRPA competition implies your consent for PRPA to publish the image in the Prairie Focus newsletter and on the PRPA website.
  7. Select the appropriate entry form for the print competition you are entering:
    1. Gerry Fish Club Competition Entry Form – Gerry Fish Club Competition
    2. PRPA Print Competition Entry Form – Attanyi; Human Portraiture; Sports in Action; Curtiss Lund competitions
    3. Portfolio Print Competition Entry Form – Portfolio Print Competition
  8. Download and print 2 copies of the Print Entry Form – one to send with the entries and one to keep for your records. Each form holds up to 6 entries. Do not enter any information in the shaded areas.
  9. For the Gerry Fish competition, all prints and the completed Gerry Fish Club Competition Entry Form should be sent in one package. To be eligible for category awards you must indicate the category code listed at the bottom of the form.
  10. Download and print the Folding Title Card page. There are 8 cards on each page. If possible print on heavy paper or light cardboard. Cut out and fill out one card for each entry. To cut the slot use a knife or fold the card and use scissors. Do not enter anything in the Judging number area. These cards will be used during the judging and in the display at the Outing.
  11. Your PRPA Club Representative may have some of the Title Cards and Entry Forms already printed. Check with him or her before sending your entries as there may be other entries that could be sent together.
  12. Send the completed entry form and one completed title card with the entries to the Judging Club so that they receive it by the April 1st deadline. If possible, arrange to send the entries to the spring Board Meeting, usually held in late March or early April.
  13. Club Reps send entries to Alice Pritchard, Gleneath Camera Club, 176 Stewart Crescent, Kindersley, SK, S0L 1S1
  14. Arrange for someone from your club to pick up the entries at the June Outing if you are not able to attend yourself. If you need your print returned by mail, please enclose a mailing label and sufficient funds to cover postage.
  15. Thank you for entering and good luck!
Print Entry Form

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