Hand of Man Digital Image Online Competition

Sponsor: Stan Hingston, 2008

Type: Digital image.

Deadline: Entries to be emailed to the PRPA Webmaster (webmaster@prpa.photography) by November 15th

Theme: The Hand of Man – any man-made object or a landscape which has been altered by man

Conditions: Open to Individual Members and all members of PRPA Member Clubs. See Digital Image Competitions General Rules for size and format requirements. No restrictions on enhancement.

Elements may be added from other photos taken by the entrant.

Entries: Maximum two images per member. Use title/name/club in the file name eg PrettyPicture_StanHingston_RoPC. Note that Regina Photo Club and Rosetown Photography Club have the same initials so please use RePC and RoPC.

Awards: First, Second, Third, and Honorable Mentions.

General Rules and Entry Instructions

  1. Review the specific rules above for the competition you are entering. Keep this information in mind when selecting pictures to enter in the digital image competitions.
  2. Image size (pixels) shall be 1024 wide x 768 high. Photos narrower than 4:3 (i.e. verticals) shall be 768 high; images wider than 4:3 (i.e. panoramas) shall be 1024 wide. Save in jpg format.
  3. Entering any PRPA competition implies your consent for PRPA to publish the image in the Prairie Focus newsletter and on the website. The top 25% of all digital image entries will be copied for possible use in PRPA promotional slide shows.
  4. File Name Specifications:
    Your name, initials of your camera club, and photo title
          e.g. Jane_Doe_RPC_Pretty_Sunset.jpg
  5. Fill out the entry from
  6. Email the entry form and image file(s) to webmaster@prpa.photography
  7. Thank you for entering and good luck!

* For the Fall and Spring Digital Image and Russell competitions, email your entries by the entry deadline to the judging club contact provided in the Prairie Focus or on the PRPA website.

Entry Form

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