Portfolio Print Competition

Sponsor: Pat Derbowka and Maureen Sinclair of the Saskatoon Camera Club

Type: Prints – Colour or Monochrome; 4”x 6”; unmounted

Deadline: Entries to be mailed or delivered so as to be received by the judging club by April 1

Theme: One print each of: Landscape, Portrait, Candid Child, Nature, and Open. Indicate titles and theme on the back of each print.

Category Definitions:

  • Nature: Subject is restricted to all things that are wild, for example, birds, animals, insects, plants, rocks, fossils, stars or planets. No sign of man should be evident, for example a road, building, fence, cultivated plant, domestic animal or man himself.
  • Candid: Not posed, informal.
  • Portrait: Portraits are planned pictures of one or more individuals, intended to reveal their character, personality or mood. Animal portraits are allowed.
  • Landscape: Any scenery which may include some sign of man or man himself.
  • Open: Any subject.

Conditions: Open to Individual Members only.

Entries: one set of 5 prints per member

Awards: The 5 prints to be judged as one entry. First, Second, Third and Honorable Mentions awarded.

General Rules: Please see General Rules for Print Competitions [link]

Entry Form: use Portfolio Print Competition entry form [link]

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