Showmanship Slideshow Competition

Sponsor: W.C. Lovett of Medicine Hat

Entry Date: Entrants must notify the Outing host club by May 1 (or date set by the host club) of their intention to enter. The entry form is usually included in the Outing registration form. Entrants must be a paid member of PRPA.

Presentation Date: Presented at the Annual Outing

Type: Digital slideshow

Theme: Open

Conditions: Open to Individual Members only.

Maximum length is 8 minutes. Any entry exceeding this will be disqualified.

Shows which have previously been shown at an Outing, whether judged or not, are not eligible to be entered again.

Shows may be created by one or a group of Individual Members.

The photography, taped or verbal commentary, assembly of the show as well as the presentation of the show, must be done entirely by the members competing.

The entrants must be present to introduce the show, but may have assistance in running the equipment. In the case of a group entry, at least one of the entrants must be present.

Entries: One entry per member. A member participating in a group entry may also enter an individual entry.

Equipment: Entrants are responsible for supplying their own equipment except for the projection screen.

Judging: The host club is responsible for arrangement of the judges.

A minimum of three judges is required. Outside (non PRPA member) judges are preferred; one judge may be a member of the host club.

If there is only one entry it will still be judged. In such situations, the Host Club should notify the entrant and give him or her the option to withdraw his or her entry for use next year.

Awards: Ribbons and certificates for First, Second, Third and Honorable Mentions, at the discretion of the judges.

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