Judging Contact List

 Judging Clubs for 2018-19

Fall Competitions

Deadline November 15, 2018

Outing: Gleneath Camera Club. Prints to be mailed to Alice Pritchard, 176 Stewart Cresc., Kindersley, SK  S0L 1S1  Digital entries to be emailed to Ann Dies at dies@sasktel.net

Everest Club Competition: Image West Photographic Assoc. c/- Marlene Andrew, 18 MacDonald Cresc., Swift Current  S9H 4A6

Russell (Opposites) Open/Shut:  Rosetown Photo Club c/-Jim Turner, email jturner@sasktel.net

Fall Digital: Nalanda Miksang Moose Jaw Club c/- Vaughn Taylor, email v.s.taylor@sasktel.net

Single Song Digital Slideshow: Saskatoon Camera Club c/-Maureen Sinclair, #216A-4040-8th St.E, Saskatoon, SK S7H 5L4

Hand of Man: webmaster@prpa.photography


Spring Competitions

Deadline April 1, 2019

Gerry Fish Club Competition: Regina Photo Club c/-Shirley Gerlock, 2471 Broder St., Regina, SK  S4N 3T1

Attanyi Salon:  Rosetown Photo Club c/- Jim Turner, Box 1448, Rosetown, SK S0L 2V0

Human Portraiture: Moose Jaw Camera Club, c/- Vaughn Taylor 1515 Smith St, Moose Jaw S6H6W7

Sports in Action: Gleneath Camera Club c/-Alice Pritchard 176 Stewart Cres, Kindersley SK  S0L 1S1

Altered Reality Print Competition: Saskatoon Camera Club c/-Maureen Sinclair, #216A-4040 8th Street East, Saskatoon, SK  S7H 5L4

Portfolio Print Competition: Image West Photographic Assoc.,  c/- Marlene Andrew, 18 MacDonald Cresc., Swift Current  S9H 4A6

Spring Digital: Foothills Camera Club c/-Dan Sigouin email, echeloncad@gmail.com